Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #24 Amazing Dresses From Everyday Objects, GBBO Team Norman, Drunk Moose & The Daughter of an Alzheimers Sufferer.

Happy September to you all! Bring on the fallen leaves and wooly hats I say! Hurrah! Someone remind me of this in a few weeks when I'm bitching incessantly about how cold I am? Thanks. Anyway, as summer comes to an end (or has it officially ended now? Are we in Autumn?!) My usual Wednesday posts are back from their summer break and instead of spending evenings in my garden, marvelling at what a fabulous tomato grower I am, I'll be snuggled under a blanket, reading much more news and generally hibernating (one of the best things ever.) 

Lets check out a little selection of news that I've still been reading during my summer hiatus (most of which is quite possibly 'old news' now- but who cares!)

Woman Shares Touching Moment When Her Mother With Alzheimers Recognising Her. Via

I'll be honest with you. It is this video that brought my news posts back this week. I was planning on blabbing on about the end of summer a bit more and saving all of these other articles until next week. When I saw this I genuinely cried for about an hour. My Grandad (not to be confused with Grandpa) suffered with Alzheimers and sadly lost his life to the illness, amongst other health complications. I remember to vividly visiting him and the hope of him remembering who I was fading each time. He was a wonderful man, yet I can only imagine the surge of bittersweet love that this woman and her mother share in this video. Something that I'm sure will be cherished for a long while.

Drunk Moose Refuses to Leave Offices. Via

Aaaahh I laughed at this for so long! Look at the moose in an office building! I read about this on loads of different news sources, one of which claimed that the moose had become intoxicated after eating fermented fruit nearby, that once he'd stumbled into the offices,  nobody could get him out! Brilliant. What a great excuse to have not done any work all day.."Oh sorry, I couldn't get to the copier, a drunk moose was in my way."....Brilliant! I wonder if I could adapt this to my work? Hmmm.."I'm sorry I didn't do that paperwork, a drunk cow came into my office and got in my way?"

I am typing this frantically because the official countdown to GBBO is on and I want need to get this posted before just incase my beloved NORMAN (best name) gets booted out by the horrific Paul Hollywood. Who definitely has a vendetta against our Norm! The whole buzz feed article beautifully describes exactly why I love Norman, and I sure will be rooting for him this evening!

Just wow. The whole website is a little out of date but some of these dresses are just phenomenal! Robin's work is using everyday objects and turning them into amazing dresses. I've shared a few of my favourites below, but I'd recommend you go and check out her work. Inspiring.

Feather Duster Dress.

28 Second Hand Dresses. Red Dress.

Casino Chip Dress.

Pinecone Dress.

It's good to be back. How are we all? Any amusing news that I've missed this week? Who do you all want to win the GBBO title? Team Norm? 
Love Sophie Xx